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Although I can NEVER guarantee work outside of my own, I have compiled this list of contractors/companies I am comfortable recommending, either due to the work they've done for a previous client of mine, work they've done for me personally, or their overall reputation in the community... Hope this helps!


1.) A & R Garage Doors - (262)656-1900 KENOSHA ONLY!

2.) Crane Plumbing, Brian Crane - 262-880-5361

3.) Grohs Electric, Mark Grohs  - (262)514-2014 ****MY PERSONAL FAVE! Great guy! My clients love him!

4.) Southwest Electric , Jarrod - (262)818-0999

5.) Environmental Initiatives, Cassidy Kuchenbecker (414)651-6653 (MOLD INSPECTOR)

6.) Kermit Frecka - (262)994-7212 FOUNDATION EXPERT ***FANTASTIC FOUNDATION GUY!

7.) Lakeside Tree Care (I used them MYSELF for a HUGE tree I needed taken down and I cannot say ENOUGH great things about them!) AND Lakeside Disposal (clean-up, dumpsters, etc.) – John Bernacchi, Owner (262)654-8050 ***GREAT!!!

8.) Environmental Contracting Services - (262)948-3515 (chimney/duct cleaning, etc.) ***GREAT COMPANY!

9.) Buskirk Construction, Inc. (windows, kitchens, etc.) - (262)657-0808

10.) Marescalco Countywide Surveying Inc., Glen Marescalco – (262)654-6809

11.) SNOW PLOWING, Josh Martin - (262)620-0015 Did a GREAT job for me AND was FAST and REASONABLE!!!

12.) Dick's Roofing - (262)654-6644 (They did MY roof!) (Also recommended by a reputable home inspector!)

13.) Bohleen’s Grading and Landscaping – (262)857-2907

14.) Micro Mold Solutions, Dan Jones-CMI,CMRC – (815)861-7766 (mold remediation)

15.) Oly’s Stump Grinding (tree stump grinding/removal) – (262)620-3251 (I used him myself…VERY professional, affordable, and dependable!)

16.) Mano Fencing – (262)632-7089 Excellent, professional, and very affordable!

17.) Billingsley Engineering (private sanitary/septic experts) – (262)859-9411

18.) Rock-Well, Well and Pump Services, Dave Rock – (262)878-2110

19.) Christiansen Heating and Air – (262)652-1802

20.) Radon Remedy – (800)917-2366

21.) Ade Drain Cleaning and Plumbing LLC – Keith Ade (262)237-4261 (Did work for me recently, super nice and knowledgeable)

22.) MOLD REMEDIATION/TESTING – Mike Szymczak, (414)614-3000 ABSMOLD@gmail.com

23.) Rick Plemons, (262)332-1514 plemonsrick1@gmail.com (recently installed a new thermostat in my fridge AND used to do home remodeling!) Licensed in HVAC. Also, does General Contractor work.

24.) Misael Manjarrez, Landscaping (any yardwork) – (262)455-1032 (a previous client of mine!)

25.) RB Floor Sanding Inc. (hardwood floor refinishing), Dan Pavlica – (262)652-2099

26.) Herbert, Great Lakes Construction Group, Inc. – (262)925-1160 greatlakesconstrgroup@gmail.com www.glcroofingandsiding.com (referred by a client….general contractor…one of the nicest and most professional people I have met!)

27.) All of Nature’s Wildlife – Brian, (262)681-8417 (wildlife removal from house/garage, etc.) Per a friend…VERY caring and humane!

28.) PAINTER! Kevin Peltier 262-515-4480 s.k.peltier@live.com HIM AND HIS DAD TO GREAT WORK!

29.) Marathon FIRE,WATER,MOLD damage REPAIR/CLEAN-UP! Jason Mazurkiewicz, Project Manager 1-888-633-4495 jason@marathonrestoration.com

30.) Custom Outdoor Furniture, Dave Robers – (262)484-6054 BEAUTIFUL woodwork! I am a customer!

31.) Dumpster Rental (for large projects), etc. – Five Star Services Ltd. – (262)554-7973 HIGHLY recommended by several other agents AND a client of mine!

32.) Need a Real Estate Litigation Attorney? Attorney Ed Bruner – (262)636-9691

33.) The Mobile Repair Guys - Russ Benser (262)501-3997 JUST used these guys and Russ is GREAT! They will COME TO YOUR HOME to fix ANY of your lawn equipment! They just fixed my lawn tractor (I did not have to pay a pickup/delivery fee because they came RIGHT to my house!)! Great service, and very affordable! www.mobilerepairguys.com

34.) All Seasons Lawn and Home LLC – (262)676-3524 allseasonslawnhomellc@gmail.com Did a GREAT job for me!




















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